International Consulting

Picture your swankiest vacation yet, then add a chef, butler, housekeepers, and incredible views of the ocean in Jamaica. That’s the type of five star resort that Avenues Bistro Chef/Owner Joe Birch consults for in Montego Bay, Jamaica.

Birch has received quite a bit of publicity lately with the opening of L’Cove Lounge, and his much talked about food is going international. After a stay in Jamaica, the villas’ owners and Joe agreed to work together on chef training and developing some new menu items and different flavors for their two villas. In the coming months Birch will do culinary consulting for both the Dreamtime Beach Villa and Paradise Plum Villa both in the Jamaican Treasures family of villas in Montego Bay.

Guests will come to know and enjoy Joe’s dishes as “Menus & Dishes inspired by Joe Birch,” an honor for Birch.

For Birch, consulting on menus with high profile clients may not be out of the ordinary, but for someone so low key and laid back, it’s pretty incredible to imagine the busy restaurant owner, Tastable creator, and the culinary mind behind Avenues Classics Desserts, having time for another business venture, especially one in the Caribbean. Birch goes on to state, “the owners and staff at the 2 villas are great people. Its an amazing opportunity and honor to collaborate with them on creating something special at two such beautiful, high end, international venues.”

So far Joe has worked with two villa chefs as well as several other support staff at the villas.

“The first visit we literally trained on 44 new recipes in just two days for possible implementation at the villas,” Birch comments.

Watch for a celebration of the consulting overseas by way of a couple tropical menu specials in the future at L’Cove in Brookside, because we can’t always make it to Jamaica.