Avenues Classics Partners with RumChata® for the Official RumChata® Dessert Line

It’s that time of the year… where cool evenings, catchy latin vibes and rum based anything, begin to take over once again.

Here at Avenues Classics we pride ourselves in being the Kansas City bakery that brings the city to its feet with innovative flavors, desserts and cakes that can transform an ordinary midwestern afternoon to an extraordinary experience.

Our official licensing partnership with RumChata® began in 2017 and it allowed us to bring to life a new RumChata dessert line with three unique products: RumChata Chocolate Gateau, RumChata Cheesecake, and RumChata Mousse Cake. With more RumChata branded desserts in the works, we’re excited to continue to expand the line and experiment with more flavors to keep leading the desserts industry.

“RumChata presents a unique recipe ingredient that gives baked goods that remarkable RumChata flavor everyone loves,” says Tom Maas, RumChata founder and master blender. “When you combine that distinct flavor with the innovative recipes of Avenues Classics, the final product is wonderfully decadent and delicious.”

And we couldn’t agree more! When the versatility of the flavors that RumChata brings to the table and the high quality ingredients used at Avenues Classics are blended together, world-class taste can be brought to any table looking for a unique and high quality dessert experience.

But, enough of that… let’s dig in to what you can expect from our RumChata cakes:

The RumChata Cheesecake has the delicious RumChata flavor that we’ve come to love topped with a rich RumChata mousse and white chocolate shavings.

Rum Chata Cheesecake

The RumChata Chocolate Gateau is a chocolate lover’s dream — starting with a flourless chocolate cake, topped with a creamy RumChata based chocolate ganache and both white and dark chocolate shavings.

Chocolate Gateau

The RumChata Mousse Cake is a triple layer cake filled with RumChata mousse and topped with white chocolate shavings.

White Chocolate Mousse Cake

We’re excited to continue our partnership with Agave Loco, LLC. and for the opportunity to bring desserts made with the award-winning cream liqueur flavor of RumChata to consumers across the U.S.

Avenues Classics, delivers unforgettable dessert experiences throughout Kansas City and beyond. These delicious desserts are also offered at the partnering restaurant Avenues Bistro in the Brookside KC shopping district. You can order them off the restaurant’s dessert menu by the slice or call ahead for a whole cake order.



For more information on our RumChata Cakes please visit www.rumchatacakes.com. To order custom desserts in Kansas City or inquire on carrying our RumChata line, please visit www.avenuesclassics.com or give us a call at 312-697-9372.