A Tastable Christmas // NYE Menus

The hustle and bustle of the holiday season is here! The Country Club Plaza lights have been lit and are as beautiful as ever. Christmas trees are up and can be found through the front windows of homes and businesses — brightening up those evening commutes. There’s a buzz around the city as people find their way into stores to wrap up their Christmas shopping lists.

At Avenues Bistro, we always like to find new ways to keep those holiday spirits up for family and friends. To do so, we have a special Tastable happening for Christmas Eve + New Year’s Eve, not to mention a new wine list to top things things off!

Christmas Eve at Avenues

An early Christmas present has never tasted so good. Gift your family with a Christmas Eve dinner to remember at Avenues Bistro with this year’s Tastable special.

You and your family can come out to Avenues and enjoy a 4-course dinner together. We’ll have the “early bird” dinner option at 4:30 pm and before for $29, using the Tastable special. For reservations booked between 5:00 – 8:00 pm, you’ll receive the 4-course dinner option for $49.

You’ll be able to indulge some of Avenues favorites like the lobster & crab salad, cavatelli pasta, crab cakes, king salmon, filet mignon and frangelico creme brulee to sweeten things up!

You can view our full Christmas Eve Dinner menu here.

New Year’s Eve at Avenues

To make the most out out of the last night of 2018, we’ll be offering a 3,4, and 5-course dinners for you to choose from.

Our 3-course dinner is an “early bird” menu that will only be offered before 4:30 pm or 9 pm and after for $29 (nearly 50%), using the exclusive Tastable special. Reservations made after 4:30 pm (or before 9pm) will be given the 4-course dinner option for $55 or 5-course option for $69.


A few options featured on the New Year’s Eve menu include: crab bisque, citrus & avocado salad, chili smoked shrimp, “butter chicken,” veal chop, lobster “thermidor” and coconut bavarian for dessert!

With the 5-course menu, you’ll also receive a flute of champagne as a complimentary toast to 2019, plus one option from the special chef’s selection.

For the full New Year’s Eve menu, you can find it here.

We’ll also be kicking off the first day of 2019 with a New Year’s Day brunch! Stop by Avenues Bistro between 9am – 2pm for a buffet style brunch.

Choose one from among your favorites including: french toast, waffles, pancakes, eggs benedict, crab cake benedict, biscuits and gravy or an omelette your way for $10/person (excludes drinks).

If you’re ready to secure your Christmas Eve and/or NYE plans – book with Avenues today!

Wherever you are, have a safe and very happy holiday!